Italian Food – la Dolce Vita!

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When you think about Italy, what are the first things that come into your mind – other than Italian food?

Let’s start for instance with an immense quality of living, fantastic weather, beautiful nature with wide beaches, mellow hillsides and impressive mountains. Also Italy counts with tons of history, art and culture. Great artists of all times expressed their passion for Italy in paintings, music and literature.

Of course, there is a century-old traditions in wine- and cheese making as well as an unique famous Italian food culture. Italian food is popular all over the world, brought by Italian chefs from major cities to the most remote places. Every region in Italy has its ow very special food traditions, adding to Italian food classics that are renown everywhere.

The traditional Italian food menu order

Did you know that a traditional Italian menu has at least 3-4 courses, often devided in more variations during one course?

Starting with Italian antipasti, the famous starters, often a variety of cured meat, sausages, cheeses, olives, lightly roasted vegetables, olive oil and bread.

Then the pasta, Italian first course, an endless choice of noodle dishes, topped with creamy pesto, tasty vegetarian sauces or delicious meat stew and often accompanied with freshly grated parmesan cheese. Also wellknown is the risotto, slow-cooked rice with broth and wine in several variations.

The second, or main dish, often is meat or fish depending on the region, accompanied by light sauces and a small side dish or a salad.

Italian desserts vary from a simple espresso to delicacies like venetian tiramisu, casatta frozen cake to sicilan cannoli, not to forget ‘il gelato’, the italian ice-cream.

And no meal should end without a “Caffè”, a small very strong black coffee, usually served together with a glass of water.

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