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With Food Hopping food tours you "hop” from one taste sensation to the next on a leisurely walk with your food guide, and experience the delights of the city with all your senses. We introduce you to amazing culinary venues away from the beaten track, hidden romantic taverns, long-established shops, and local food and wine experts. Along your way you discover great food as well as some of the city’s best kept secrets, and are guaranteed to leave with the authentic taste of the region on your tongue. 

  • Food Hopping - Simply the best!

    Food Hopping is unique and offers you more than you might expect.
    Here’s why you can’t go wrong when you book your Food Hopping food tour with us:
  • food tour menu multi-course

    Food is served like a multi-course meal

    With a Food Hopping food tour, you enjoy a multi-course menu in intervals - you are served with appetizers, main course and desserts in the traditional order and often with a drink on top. You get to experience more culinary delights!
  • Food Tour Explore Location

    You explore a new location with every single tasting

    With Food Hopping, you experience every course in a different location. Not only that, most of our food tour venues are off the beaten track and tricky to find without local knowledge. This means you discover more hidden treasures of the city!
  • food tour extras treats

    We treat you to exciting extras

    A ride in an iconic Ape car, a visit to the opera auditorium, a passage with a gondola... depending on your destination and food tour, Food Hopping offers you exciting experiences and extras in addition to the highly extensive tasting menu. You get to know the city and its lifestyle more intensively!
  • Food Tour Meet Experts

    Meet local experts and enjoy their stories

    Food Hopping knows the people "behind the counter". Some of them are happy to share local "secrets" with you during your food tour, and relate surprising, often humorous anecdotes about the food, the city and the locations. This brings you closer to the real life of the city!
  • food tour round-trip

    Your tour is designed as a convenient round-trip

    Food Hopping food tours are circular and end back at the meeting point. That way, you know where you are and can easily find your way back to your accommodation.
    • food hopping food tour quotes
    • Tasty Quotes for Food Lovers

      Browse and share our collection of funny, inspirational and tasty quotes for people that love to eat and enjoy!

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