Barcelona’s delicious Backstages

It’s no wonder that the local cuisine is an essential part of Catalan culture: the first ever cookbook in a Romanic language was published in “Catalán” in the 14th century.

What’s so unique about Barcelona’s fare is the combination of ingredients from the sea and the mountains – the so-called “mar i muntanya” cuisine.Typical specialities such as the salami-like fuet or botifarra sausage are also often combined with vegetables or pulses in Catalonian dishes.

Desserts are usually made with local nuts, sweet cream, or melt-in-the-mouth chocolate. And the local sparkling wine “cava” alone is worth a visit – come and find out for yourself with a Food Hopping Food Tour in Barcelona!

Food Tour Barcelona – Discover the Catalonian metropolis

Food Tour Barcelona – Explore the coast and the skyline

Spain’s second largest city, located on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea is Barcelona, and it is just waiting to be explored on a Food Tour Barcelona. Barcelona is home to 1.6 million residents. Barcelona’s official language is oddly both Spanish and Catalan. With its Mediterranean climate of mild winters and warm summers it is a perfect get away any time of year. Barcelona attracts the third highest number of tourists in Europe, third only to London and Paris. Barcelona’s must-see attraction is Sagrada Familia. Designed by the architect Antonio Gaudi is this giant basilica, which has been under construction since 1882 with another 30 – 80 years before it is finished. Aside from being breath taking, it shows the dedication and commitment to the project. The structure is bold, unique and incredibly large, and will certainly evoke some strong feelings. How often do you get to a see a masterpiece under construction? Another defining piece of the Barcelona skyline is the Columbus monument. It is approximately 60 meters via an elevator to the platform of the monument, where you will be greeted to a view of the Ramblas, the shopping centre Maremagnum and the yachting port of Barcelona in Port Vell. There are many different theories as to where Columbus is pointing, perhaps you can come up with your own. The monument was built in 1888 for the World Exposition and reopened in 2013 after construction works. It joins two of the most important roads of Barcelona.

Food Tour Barcelona – Enjoy a romantic getaway

Open the door to Barcelona’s most famous museum, the Picasso Museum. This museum houses a unique collection of 4000 works mostly early sketches and canvases. You can see through these works a student becoming the world’s most loved artist. Picasso moved to Barcelona from Malaga in 1895 and lived here until 1904. He considered himself to be from Barcelona and it was here he fought and struggled to become the famous artist we all know and, where he was first exhibited. A Food Tour Barcelona can show you the place Picasso called home. Not only are the works of Picasso a sight to behold but they are housed in several stunning gothic mansions in the Barcelona’s old city. A Food Tour Barcelona can also be a romantic affair, especially in you visit on Sant Jordi’s day. This is the Catalonian Valentine’s day. The day which is also known as the day of Rose, is a national Catalan holiday. The story of Sant Jordi tells that he slayed the dragon on Montblanc before it could eat a beautiful princess. Due to the obvious romantic nature of the story, the day has been preserved and celebrated with that theme. The day is also Book day, and coincidently while a man gives a woman a Rose as a sign of his affections, a woman gifts a book to a man as a sign of eternal love. Both valentines and book day are neatly tied into one day. So why not have yourself a romantic get away with a Food Tour Barcelona.

Food Tour Barcelona – A mix of styles

Barcelona is divided up into quarters, The Gothic Quarter (old quarter) is the old city centre of Barcelona. Encompassing the oldest parts of Barcelona, it has several medieval landmarks and remains of the Roman wall. Barcelona is dominated by the style of the Gothic quarter and modernisme – the Catalan art nouveau from the period 1878 – 1910. This combination provides Barcelona with an incredibly unique cultural heritage, and has more buildings on the UNESCO World Heritage List than any other city. La Rambla street which is also called Las Ramblas, is Barcelona’s most famous walking street in the heart of Barcelona. This wonderful street with shops, cafes and entertainment is 2 kilometres long, comprised of 5 separate avenues flowing smoothly into the next. Food Hopping shows you popular taverns and local institutions off the beaten track where you discover authentic fine food and drinks like pa amb tomaquet, jamon serrano, butifarra, carquiñol, cava or vermut. Between the food stops your Food Hopping guide will show you some hidden gems and tell you amusing anecdotes to make worthwhile memories. This is the perfect way to feel the pulse of Barcelona, enjoy an entertaining walk through winding old city alleys and impressive wide avenues on a Food Tour Barcelona.