Food Hopping in Berlin

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Food Tour Berlin – Experience Germany´s capital!

Discover the City of Contrasts on a Food Tour Berlin

If you are looking for a way to discover this fascinating city, a food tour Berlin is a great way to do so. Berlin is a city of contrasts, which has been at the center of world events several times in the last century. Especially its status as the capital of the Third Reich and the division of the city by the Berlin wall during the Cold War Era are unique parts of Berlin’s history. Today, Berlin is the second most populous city in the European Union and largest German city with a population size of 3.7 million. As the German capital, it is also a political and cultural hotspot worthy of a visit. Furthermore, Berlin is an intercultural melting pot where people from approximately 190 countries live, work and also party, as Berlin is world-renown for its diverse nightlife and festivals. One such festival is the Berlin International Film Festival (Berlinale) which is considered to be the biggest publicly attended film festival worldwide.

Food Tour Berlin – Pass the Brandenburg Gate and Berlin Wall

A food tour Berlin will allow you to visit some of Berlin’s most iconic sights. The most famous one is probably the Brandenburg Gate which symbolizes not on the tumultuous European history but also the unity and peace which Europe ultimately achieved. Just north of the Brandenburg Gate is another of Berlin’s well-known sights, the Reichstag building. Built after the unification of Germany in 1871, it has housed the German Parliament for a good amount of time, only interrupted during the Third Reich and the following division of Berlin and Germany. Today it is the seat of the Bundestag, the modern German Parliament, once again. Another must-see sight is the Fernsehturm (TV tower) at Alexanderplatz. At 368 m it is one of the tallest structures in the EU and can be seen from most of the central city districts. Visitor more interested in the cultural sights of Berlin have to visit the Museum Island which, true to its name, is home of five museums and a UNESCO World Heritage site. The Tiergarten, Berlin’s biggest park, with its Siegessäule (Victory Column) in the middle is also worth a visit. Berlin is also a great city to go shopping in. The Kurfürstendamm is Berlin’s premier shopping street and home to a variety of luxury stores. Situated nearby is the KaDeWe (Kaufhaus des Westens), which rivals London’s Harrods for the title of Europe’s largest department store. With its wide variety of sights and activities, Berlin offers something for everybody.

Food Tour Berlin – An exciting way to discover Berlin

A food tour Berlin is a guided tour which will let you discover aspects of Berlin you have never seen before. Aside from visiting some of Berlin’s most famous sights, you will be able to experience all kinds of different authentic foods and drinks like traditional Buletten meatballs, spicy Currywurst sausage or the peculiar Berliner Weisse beer, as well as specialties integrated by immigrants from all over the globe to this cultural melting pot, along the way. Your local Food Hopping guide makes it possible. Moreover, a food tour Berlin is the best way to get in contact with locals and to culinary explore this great city in ways few others have. Therefore, a Food Hopping tour Berlin is the right choice for those who are adventurous and like to try out new things and tastes.