Tasty New Year 2018

Food Hopping Food Tour New Year In everything that ends also lies a new beginning…
We are very happy for the new year 2018 to start with our shiny new Food Hopping tours in several european cities – like Barcelona, Madrid, Frankfurt, Berlin and many more!
We wish all of you a wonderful New Years Eve and a Happy New Year 2018. May all your wishes come true!

10 good reasons for a Food Hopping tour

Food Hopping Food Tour good reasons groupThere are several good reasons to explore a new place by its food: Who else likes to discover new taste sensations when travelling?
How about doing a Food Hopping Tour on your next vacation?
Every city and region has its own food specialities and traditions.

Good reasons to travel and explore

As a traveller, it isn’t always easy to find the best places in a new town to try and discover the best food like the locals do.
With Food Hopping, it is easy to jump into the local culinaric scene and to enjoy new experiences on your palate without worries.

Do you ask yourself, what are the advantages of a guided Food Hopping Walking Food Tour during your vacation?

Here’s our top 10 of good reasons

10 – Discover hidden places like cozy restaurants, rustic taverns , insider-tips and family-run shops apart of the beaten tracks.

09 – Savour food like a multi-course meal, ranging from from appetizer to dessert.

08 – Taste authentic cuisine, famous dishes and surprising flavours the locals adore.

07 – Explore a new location with every tasting, discovering the regional culinaric landscape.

06 – Meet the locals, learn from food and drink specialists about their regional traditions and interact with the people of the neighbourhood.

05 – Get to know the city without getting lost, as every tour is designed as a convenient round-trip.

04 – Enjoy amusing anecdotes around the food you try, the city and their people.

03 – Let yourself be treated with surprising extras and local ‘secrets’.

02 – Follow the confident lead of your enthusiastic local Food Hopping guide, who knows the city inside out.

01 – Have a great time during an entertaining walk with pleasant memories and interesting stories to tell your friends at home!

Hungry for more? See you soon ao a Food Tour in Germany, Italy, Spain or selected European cities:

Food Hopping Food Tours!

Food Tour Napoli – Authentic Pizza Neapolitana

Naples or Napoli in Italy – with its name coming from the ancient greek founding of Neapolis, the new town – sprawls pleasantly between the Gulf of Naples and one of the most famous volcanos of the earth, the Vesuv.

The surrounding Campania region with its extended meadowlands is best known for ist excellent buffalo´s cheese, the Mozzarella di Buffalo o Burrata.

It is an unique experience, opening for the first time the firm white cheese dough with a knife and letting the creamy milk float fro the center. With its very rich, buttery but fresh taste this cheese speciality excites gourmets everywhere.

Also, the volcanic earth at the slopes of the volcano are perfectly apt to grow flavour-rich tomatoes and hot-blooded wines.

In Napoli, those ingredients came together with grain flour, water, sea salt and some basil leaves to form its signature dish: the Pizza Neapolitana. A not-to-miss food for every visitor to Naples, and coveted treasure of the locals.

It is in Naples where the Pizza has its roots – thin, crisp and with simple but perfect ingredients of the region. Paired with a glas of vesuvian wine, there is not much left to fulfill a foodies dream….

With Food Hopping in Naples, our passionate Food Hopping guide leads to the best spots to taste not only the authentic Pizza Neapolitana, but also fresh cheese Burrata, extraordinary wines and much more local food specialities, some well-known, some surprising.

Together with amusing anecdotes and background storys about the food and the people of Napoli, it is a perfect way for any food lover to get to know the city by the means of a Food Tour.
See you soon at a

Food Hopping Napoli Food Tour!

Tapas and Andalusian Traditions in Malaga

Food Hopping Malaga Food Tour tapas and shopsMálaga, Andalusian tapas at the Pearl of the Costa del Sol

In culinary terms, people mosly connect this Andalusian city to delicious tapas, sweet wine and raisins.

Located at the mediterrean coast in Andalucía, Spain, this beautiful city offers best weather conditions almost all year long.

Long and soft sloping sandy beaches are at walking distance from the city center.

Tapas at the beach in Málaga

Chiringuitos, popular beach bars, are an institution, During the day, they satisfy the need of the vacation beach goers with cold drinks, sangria, tapas and paella, sweets and icecream.

In the evening appear small flickering fires, a pleasant smell of burning wood and roasted fish. Directly at the beach, in front of the chiringuitos, there are numerous firepits inside pintoresque old fishing boats. Here they roast daily-catched sardines, sizzeling on a stick – delicious!

Malagas old centre – tapas and more

The old city center of Málaga with its narrow alleyways and pedestrian passages harbors a vibrant gastronomic scene. You can discover old neighborhood grocery shops where slow-aged, cured whole pork legs dangle from the ceiling. You may taste and buy savoury mountain cheeses. In small hidden bars, the whole family is involved in preparing home cooked tapas and raciones like the famous spanish potato omelette tortilla, savoury codfish croquetas, albondigas meatballs and much more. High-class restaurants and glamourous nightlife locations offer tapas, fine dining and drinks..

Not to forget the local food markets, where local sellers offer the freshest fruit and vegetables, meat and fish – perfect so see where the ingredients for the tapas came from!.

With our new Food Hopping Tour, you may discover Málagas best-hidden secrets and most emblematic tapas and other food traditions – all in a amusing and pleasable walking tour.
See you soon with

Food Hopping Malaga Food Tours!

Venice and its Cicchetti Culture

Food Hopping Venice Food Tour cicchettiVenezia – cicchetti at the emblematic ‘La Serenissima’

Venice is one of the best-known cities in Italy and fills all senses to the fullest, especially the taste, not only of the emblematic cicchetti.

This wonderful city with its maze of small streets and waterways celebrates the italian ‘Aperitivo’ in a perfect way. Everywhere in small neighbourhood ‘Bacari’ – popular bars, where people gather after or inbetween work to taste delicious snacks and gossip.

Cicchetti culture in Venice

In Venice, these snacks are called ‘cicchetti’ and are served with a glas of wine, the ‘ombra’ – shadow. Chicchetti usualy consist of toasted bread slices with various toppings: from ham, sausage, small fried or marinated fishes, different pates and spreads, to roasted vegetables or cheese. not to forget the famous battered cod ‘bacala mantecato’ or local sardines. So there is a cicchetto for almost every taste. The variations are usually displayed at the counter, so there is something for everone – its only difficult sometimes to make the choice with all those tasty options…

With Food Hopping, we’ll offer a great walking food tour, where yo get to know Venice at its unknown corners.
Our local Food Hopping Tour guide is happy to tell you anecdotes about the food you’ll taste and the neighbourhood you’ll visit.
See you soon with

Food Hopping Venezia Food Tours!

Food Tour and Vacation in Spain

Food Hopping Spain Food Tour barWhich region of Spain is your favorite vacation spot?

Spain is one of the most visited countries of Europe for leisure trips. And there is no wonder why: from the sun kissed beaches and impressive history of Andalucia, the beautiful Balearic islands, the cultural heritage and bustling city life of Madrid, to the rich traditions and colorful landscapes of Catalunya – these are only four of many spots in Spain that promise to bring awesome holiday memories.

We picked this regions also because of the diverse and rich culinary traditions, which are easily to discover on a Food Tour: don’t miss the ultimate specialties like perfectly cooked Andalusian ‘Albondigas’ meatballs in Malaga, soft and tasty Mallorquin ‘Sobrasada’ sausage in Palma de Mallorca, dry aged special ‘Jamon’ ham, cut directly from the bone, in Madrid, or ‘Xocolate’, the regional version of a chocolate drink, in Barcelona.

Our passionate local Food Hopping Guide knows the best spots to try those traditional and modern food specialties and entertain you with amusing stories about the food, the people and the regional peculiarities of the Spanish cuisine today and in history.

Join the Food Tour on a leisurely walk, eat and drink like the locals – so there are even more memories to bring from your perfect holiday in Spain. See you soon with

Food Hopping Spain Food Tours!

Halloween the Italian Way

Food Hopping Italy Food Tour HalloweenAll Saints and Halloween

In Italy, especially in Sicily, there is a long tradition that children receive small gifts and sweets, supposedly from their ancestors, the morning after Halloween, that is All Saints. Despite of All Saints being a national holiday, and All Souls a local Sicilian holiday, these days have been a more religious than popular celebration.

During the last years, however, Halloween is getting more and more popular, especially among young people. It is not very common to go from house to house to ask for trick or treat, but there are costume parties for children and for young adults, disguising and enjoying the celebration like for the carneval season.

Halloween celebrations – new influences

In fact, not the holiday itself is changing, but the way to celebrate it. New influences are embraced and added to the existing rites. Sicilian feasts are often related to special foods: San Guiseppe Day with stuffed cream sweets, San Martin Day to cantuccini biscuits and sweet vino santo, Santa Lucia Day with grain pudding, or days of local saints, like Santa Rosalia in Palermo or Santa Agatha in Catania with various culinaric posts throughout the city.
With our Food Hopping Tours, we integrate local culinaric traditions with top contemporary food stops where the locals come to enjoy their favorite treats – see you soon with

Food Hopping Italy Food Tours!

Roman Food – Eternal Delicacies

Food Hopping Rome Food Tour Roman food

Ancient traditions and modern influences in Roman food

Have you ever visited Rome, the city of the 7 hills and discover the true Roman food?

The capital of Italy is a modern metropolis, proud of its acient roots and important history. Up to today, influences from Etruscan and Roman times, the Roman-Christian pontificate and immigration from all parts of Italy form a vibrant melting pot.

This also counts for the Roman cooking pots. Traditional Roman food consists of simple, clean ingredients and vary from quick lunch snacks to the traditional family feast on the weekend – but always best quality and full taste.

Tasting Roman food like a local

Eating in Rome is a serious task, where quality and company are equally important. You will rarely find a true Roman sitting alone in a Bar. And he would never prefer a prepacked sandwich over a freshly baked foccacia filled with fresh cut cheese, cured ham and crisp rocket.

So small eateries, bars and food stands are everywhere in Rome on easy reach and seldom empty.

It’s a great way to understand the way of the locals by following a tour for the tastiest iconic Roman food – see you soon with

Food Hopping Roma Food Tours!

Italian Food – la Dolce Vita!

Food Hopping Italy Food Tour Italian foodItalian Food – Famous and unforgettable

When you think about Italy, what are the first things that come into your mind – other than Italian food?

Let’s start for instance with an immense quality of living, fantastic weather, beautiful nature with wide beaches, mellow hillsides and impressive mountains. Also Italy counts with tons of history, art and culture. Great artists of all times expressed their passion for Italy in paintings, music and literature.

Of course, there is a century-old traditions in wine- and cheese making as well as an unique famous Italian food culture. Italian food is popular all over the world, brought by Italian chefs from major cities to the most remote places. Every region in Italy has its ow very special food traditions, adding to Italian food classics that are renown everywhere.

The traditional Italian food menu order

Did you know that a traditional Italian menu has at least 3-4 courses, often devided in more variations during one course?

Starting with Italian antipasti, the famous starters, often a variety of cured meat, sausages, cheeses, olives, lightly roasted vegetables, olive oil and bread.

Then the pasta, Italian first course, an endless choice of noodle dishes, topped with creamy pesto, tasty vegetarian sauces or delicious meat stew and often accompanied with freshly grated parmesan cheese. Also wellknown is the risotto, slow-cooked rice with broth and wine in several variations.

The second, or main dish, often is meat or fish depending on the region, accompanied by light sauces and a small side dish or a salad.

Italian desserts vary from a simple espresso to delicacies like venetian tiramisu, casatta frozen cake to sicilan cannoli, not to forget ‘il gelato’, the italian ice-cream.

And no meal should end without a “Caffè”, a small very strong black coffee, usually served together with a glass of water.

Getting hungry for more? See you soon with

Food Hopping Italy Food Tours!