Food Hopping in Lisbon

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Food Hopping in Lisbon!

Food Tour Lisbon – Explore Portugal´s capital

Food Tour Lisbon – The city on seven hills

Explore this beautiful and cosmopolitan city on a Food Tour Lisbon. In many ways Lisbon can be likened to Rome, one way is that it was built on seven hills near the mouth of the River Tagus, and is known as cidade das sete colinas. Lisbon is estimated to be around 400 years older than Rome, and the second oldest city in Europe. Historians believe that the Phoenicians settled here around 1200 BC due to the transport opportunities the River Tagus offers. It also theorised that the name Lisbon comes from the term ‘Allis Ubbo’ meaning safe harbour in the Phoenician language. Food Tour Lisbon can offer many opportunities to learn about the rich history that can be found here. Lisbon’s symbol is the raven, naturally accompanied by an intriguing legend. It is said that two ravens accompanied the relics of Saint Vincent of Saragossa, Lisbon’s patron saint, on the journey from Cape Saint Vincent. Every turn on your Food Tour Lisbon is bound to uncover another story!

Food Tour Lisbon – A love of the sea

Lisbon enjoys a mild climate with sunshine all year round, making a Food Tour Lisbon a great city-break any time of year. The River Tagus is Lisbon’s largest river, with the mouth measuring up to 14 kilometres wide. Spanning the River Tagus is the longest bridge in Europe, The Vasco da Gama, from end to end it measures 17 kilometres long. Belém is a district to the west of central Lisbon, along the Belém waterfront sits the Monument to the Discoveries, an imposing monolith seen to be leaning over the River Tagus. It was designed and built to imitate the prow of a caravel, which is the type of ship used by Portuguese navigators in the 15th century. A Food Tour Lisbon will be sure to introduce you to the key elements of Lisbon cuisine as well as the culture. Another water based marvel to be found in Lisbon is the Oceanarium. One of the world’s largest aquariums with a unique main display. A single main tank is divided by transparent acrylic into 4 distinct habitats, 7 million litres of water play host to 8,000 different sea animals. The ingenious design means that patrons can view Sharks, Rays, Sunfish and children’s favourite the clownfish with ease. With this apparent love for the sea, it is no surprise to learn that fish dishes can be tasted on a Food Tour Lisbon.

Food Tour Lisbon with Food Hopping

Lisbon has an incredible amount of beautiful architecture that would be hard to miss on your Food Tour Lisbon. Lisbon has an entry in the Guinness World Records for the longest construction time of any church. The Church of Santa Engrácia was completed in 1966 after being started in the 17th century. The Águas Livres aqueduct is one of Lisbon’s iconic landmarks, and was built to supply fresh water to the city in 1748. The most impressive part of this 18th structure is the section spanning the Alcãntara valley. With restrictions recently lifted it is now possible to walk the entire length of the aqueduct. Food Tour Lisbon will be sure to introduce you to some of Lisbon’s national food, perhaps Bacalhau – dried salted codfish – will take your fancy. Another thought provoking source of beauty in Lisbon is the skeletal ruins of the Carmo church. Built between 1389 and 1423 this was once the city’s most distinguished church. In 1755 a violent and devastating earthquake struck the capital and left most of the church in ruins certainly a different perspective to view it from now. Lisbon is the city of fish, cured sausages and rice dishes, and a Food Hopping Tour Lisbon is the perfect way to explore the fresh and sumptuous cuisine on offer here.