What is Food Hopping?

Food Hopping is a great way to see the city and sample its food at the same time. With Food Hopping, you “hop” from one taste sensation to the next on a leisurely walk with your dedicated Food Hopping guide. It takes you to unique places like popular taverns, family run shops and food-related locations off the beaten track and gives you a real insight into local life.
Sample delicious authentic food with typical drinks and get in touch with the locals. While on our way, we visit food locations, walk down interesting streets, experience the cuisine, and share anecdotes about the food and the related places as well as insights about the area we’re in.
Food Hopping tours are generally walking tours of around 2 to 5 hours with a small group of like-minded foodies and travellers.

What means Food Hopping Complete?

Food Hopping Complete are half-day tours (3-5 hours) for food lovers in a small group of max 12 guests, with great food and great entertaining insights to the local culinary landscape. It combines discovery, fun and enjoyment on a leisurely round-trip walk.
Indulge in a full menu of delicious warm & cold local food specialties in the traditional order, from a special aperitif, starters, typical local main course to yummy dessert. A Food Hopping Complete experience is paired with selected regional wines, often even a wine tasting, and typical drinks.
You explore a new location for every tasting, including sit-down locations to relax and savour even more.
Enjoy hidden gems and special treats, like an aperitif inside a historic greenery or a special backstage visit to an ancient palace.
In many destinations, exciting extras like a Ape car ride or an opera auditorium visit are also included.
Your enthusiastic local Food Hopping guide leads through the tour with amusing anecdotes and valuable tips for even more food-related insights.

What is Food Hopping Light?

A great alternative for short visits or your first addicting take on Food Hopping is the 2 – 2,5 hours Food Hopping Light tour. In this round-trip walking tour with a small group of max 16 guests, you get a general overview about the local food scene.
Enjoy a sample of typical local warm & cold snacks, visiting mostly street food locations, with tastings standing inside or outside the food establishment. There is no sit-down main course, and you can usually buy drinks at most locations – or just bring a bottle of water.
Your dedicated local Food Hopping guide accompanies you with diverting tales about the food and the area.
This entry-level tour is recommendable for a short-stay visit or with a group that has a tight schedule.

Why should I take a Food Hopping Tour?

Food Hopping is much more than eating out in a new town. During an entertaining tour, you’ll get to know authentic food, drinks and the local vibe.
Discover popular taverns, profit from Insider-tips, and get around like a local without having to search for yourself. Our locations are handpicked and proven for their standards and popularity, so no worry about tourist traps.
Every Food Hopping guide knows his city inside out and loves to tell amusing anecdotes and interesting tales about the food, the places and the people around. The guide will also give additional useful information and recommendations about even more good places to eat or things to discover.
With Food Hopping Europe, several more unique features enhance your experience and give you great value for money. We are the only company to run food tours like a multi-course meal: You experience a new location and taste a different food or drink specialty with each course – accompanied by amusing anecdotes. Many of our tours include exciting extras that can’t be booked like this elsewhere.
With Food Hopping, you have the opportunity to interact with local food and wine experts, shopkeepers and food enthusiasts by assistance of your Food Hopping guide. In addition, you experience your tour with a small group of like-minded foodies, travelling like you, and make new friends.

Who is behind Food Hopping?

Food Hopping Europe is a network between regional tourist agencies that have been operating successfully for decades, and tourism professionals, who deal daily with tour guides, hotel arrangements, organizing transfers and excursions, and taking care of VIPs, often on behalf of large reputable tour operators.
The owners, employees and guides of the on-site agencies are very familiar with the conditions locally. Many of them grew up, went to school, live there, and are excellently networked. They are all lovers of great food, swear by local specialities, and are passionate communicators when it comes to sharing this enjoyment and knowledge with others.

Should I take a tour right away after arrival?

If it fits to your schedule, it is recommendable to start with a Food Hopping tour at the beginning of your stay: you’ll get an overview of the city with places where the locals go, see important sights and hear amusing stories.
On the tour, you pass by the best places to shop and eat, and you can return anytime during your stay. Your Food Hopping guide is happy to give additional useful information and recommendations about even more good places to eat, suggestions for culinary gifts and things to discover.

Is it recommendable to make a Food Hopping tour if I already know the city?

Yes, definitely. Locals often attend to learn things about the neighborhood and the city in which they live that they did not know before. Our tours offer a route that leads to authentic locations and to food establishments off the beaten track, with coveted places that even many locals do not know.
For popular locations and local secrets, our guides know amusing anecdotes and give you a deeper knowledge of your favourite town. And it´s a great way to show your town to friends and family visiting from abroad!

Will I have a good experience as a single?

We often have singles on our Food Hopping tours, whether they be single travelers or locals looking for something fun & different to do. Most people who take our tours are adventurous & sociable, excited about trying amazing food & open to meeting new people (or even making new friends)! If you are open to meeting new people & having a great time, you will have a wonderful time on every Food Hopping tour.


 How do I order?

Simply go to our “Book Now” page where we detail our tours. Select your tour, the date and time of your tour, and book it! After your booking is made, we will send you an automatic e-mail confirmation. How do I pay? Can I pay in cash?When you book your tour through our secure booking system, you will be able to pay with credit card. You must book directly on our website. We do not accept cash payments. Our online payment is safe, secured and SSL protected.Do I have to book in advance or can I just come and pay at the tour?All tour tours have to be booked and paid in advance. As we have to organize the tastings and arrange with the restaurants, it is not possible to walk in the day of the tour. The booking closes 48h before start of the tour. Your favourite Food Hopping tour date might be sold out some time before – so we recommend you to book well in advance to save your favourite date.

What is the cancellation policy of Food Hopping?

As our tours are leisure activities with a specified date and time, like a theatre or cinema ticket, our tickets are non-refundable. Our tours are small group and require reservations and preparation, so it is important for us to ensure the schedule.

A request for a tour date change must be communicated to our contact E-mail address bookings@foodhoppingeurope.com, no less than 15 days before scheduled departure (subject to availability). From the 14th day to the day of the tour, there is no change possible.

To change the time or date of a tour on existing reservations, an administration fee of €10 per person may be charged.

Food Hopping in Europe retains the right to issue refunds at our discretion.I would like to take your tour but it is already fully booked. Is there a way I can do the tour?Our tours often sell out very quickly.  If a specific date and is sold out, there is always a chance that we will add an additional tour. Please email us on bookings@foodhoppingeurope.com and let us know what date you are interested in.I cannot find a way to print the confirmation. Is it OK if I have it on my phone?You do not have to print your voucher. The E-Mail confirmation presented on your phone will be fine!


 What is included in the food tour?

All the delicious food and wine/drinks tastings, as stated in the tour description, are included. The content varies from tour to tour. The tour is guided by a dedicated local Food Hopping guide, who will lead you thrugh the city, show you the best places and tell amusing anectdotes and interesting facts about the food and the neighbourhood.
There are no extra charges for the contents during the tour, but please feel free to tip your guide. The tour does not include transport to and from the meeting point.What beverages are included in the tours?

Depending on the individual tour description, usually different local alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks are included.

Several tours even include a wine tasting.

In addition to that, we offer drinking water on top during all sit down courses. During the summer, however, it is recommendable to bring a bottle of water for the walking times. Often there is also a possibility to buy more water during the tour if necessary.

If you don’t drink alcohol, simply let us know when you book and we’ll serve you non-alcoholic drinks instead. Participants under 18 will be provided with non-alcoholic drinks according to the tour contents.

Are the tours suitable for guests with special dietary restrictions (diabetic, vegetarian, etc.)?

We are only able to guarantee alternative tastings for vegetarians, as well as non-alcoholic drink alternatives (as long as you notify us when booking). As we specialize in traditional authentic cuisine, the tastings are generally not suitable for people with lactose or gluten intolerance, nut allergy, or vegans.

Will there be enough to eat during the tour?

Our tours start almost immediately with a first drink or tasting, so we recommend coming with not more than a light breakfast or snack ahead. We will provide a good amount of diverse tastings distributed over the time span of the Food Hopping tour. So usually, the participants feel well sated after the tour.

Who are the guides?

Our guides are the backbone of every Food Hopping tour. Mostly they were raised or living for years in the tour region, love their neighbourhood, are emphatic, passionate and enthusiastic about the local cuisine.  With amusing anecdotes as well as interesting facts about the food and the area, they know how to entertain and make your Food Hopping tour great fun.

The personalized Food Hopping guiding will include an overview of local culinary customs, information on any seasonal events taking place at the time of your tour, an introduction to selected further food-related locations, suggestions for culinaric gift shopping, as well as insider recommendations, and amusing anecdotes about the food you are tasting and the places visiting.

Do the tour guides expect gratuities?

Gratuities are greatly appreciated, though never expected or mandatory. The standard gratuity in the tour industry is 10-15%.


 When and where does the tours start and end?

We offer a range of different tours, from Monday to Saturday, depending on the city.

In the “Good to know” section of every tour description we specify the general area, where the particular tour begin. The exact meeting point of your tour -don`t worry, will be always in the town center- is detailed in your E-Mail confirmation and will be in easy reach by public transport and/or parking facilities.

Our tour start either at this local meeting point or close to it. All our tours conveniently end at the same spot where we started. You get with ease to the tour start and comfortably back to your accommodation.

After your booking, we kindly ask you to check the tour timing and exact starting point on your voucher. Please arrive at the meeting point 10 minutes prior to starting time, in order to meet your guide and to ensure the tour sets off on time. If you need further assistance, please call the local telephone number on your confirmation.

What if I’m running late for the tour?

Our guides are not able to wait for late arrivals, as we are on a tight schedule. Please call us on the local number provided on your booking confirmation, to find out if it is still possible to meet your group somewhere. There is no refund for any portion of the tour missed due to lateness.

In what languages are the tours?

Our Food Hopping tours are all offered with guiding in English. Since most of our Food Hopping guides speak more than one foreign language, some of our tours slots are also offered bilingually in German, French or Spanish. For other languages, or for tours tailor-made to your wishes, please see Private tours.

How long is the tour? How much walking is involved?

Our Food Hopping Complete tours last between 3 and 5 hours. Most of the food and drinks we taste while standing in or outside of the food establishment. There is at least one sit down course at every Complete tour, where you can enjoy the dish in a relaxed manner. While on the tour, we go in and out of food locations, walk down interesting alleys, and learn about the amusing anecdotes around the neighborhood.

Our Food Hopping light tours, however, last about 2 – 2,5 hours. They have a street food approach, where you’ll taste typical food that the locals eat on the go – so the tour is mostly standing at food posts and inside or outside popular establishments, where the food can be enjoyed without plates or cutlery.

All Food Hopping tours are conducted at a very casual pace on fairly flat terrain, but comfortable shoes are recommended. You will be on your feet for roughly half of the time.How many people will be on the tour?Food Hopping tours are all small-group tours – the maximum number of guests on a Food Hopping Complete tour is 12 people, at a Food Hopping light tour we have a maximum of 16 people. We only require a minimum of two guests to operate a tour.

Are the tours suitable for children?

We love greeting both curious kids and their parents on our tours!

Accompanied by an adult, children up to the age of 6 are free of charge (no food or drinks included). There are reduced rates for children and adolescents between the ages of 7 and 17 who participate in the tastings accompanied by an adult – for under 18, alcohol will be replaced by non-alcoholic drinks.

However, there is a fair amount of walking involved, and the food establishments as well as the samples may not always be what children are used to.Is the tour accessible for wheelchair users and baby strollers?Unfortunately, our tours are not suitable for wheelchairs due to the many narrow sidewalks that we walk on, the uneven cobblestone streets that we cross, certain staircases that we use when entering establishments, and the often very small shops that we visit.

Are bathrooms available during the tour?

There are bathroom stops throughout the tour, though not necessarily at all stops. Please check with your guide to plan accordingly.

Is it allowed to take photos during the tour?

It is not only allowed, but highly encouraged! Please feel free to share your experience with us, by rating the tour or tagging any pictures with our social media accounts:
Food Hopping on Facebook
#Foodhoppingeurope on Instagram

Can I shop during the tour?

Our tours do include some time to shop at certain food shops, however unscheduled stops are discouraged for the sake of finishing the tour on time and out of respect to other guests. If you’d like to return to any shops or stops for shopping after the tour, please ask your guide for directions.

It’s also worth bearing in mind that whatever you buy during our walking tours you will have to carry with you until the end of the tour.

What happens if it rains?

Rain does not change the amazing food stops we are visiting – so the tours run regardless of weather conditions. Please check the conditions and forecast, dress appropriately and bring an umbrella!