Tapas, Toros & the Heart of Málaga

In Malaga, it’s all about enjoyment: The city’s sheltered location between the mountains and the sea on Southern Spain’s sunny Costa del Sol guarantees a pleasant climate and rich harvests. The culinary heritages of the Phoenicians, Romans and Moors created a varied and delicious cuisine, and, of course, the world-famous Malaga wine. Specialities from all over the Mediterranean and the Andalusian hinterland offer an irresistible choice of delicacies, served with the warm and friendly hospitality typical of the area in countless tapas bars and restaurants.

Food Tour Malaga – Explore the Andalusian way of life

Food Tour Malaga – A city steeped in history

If you are looking for to visit and try the food somewhere with loads of character, then a Food Tour in Malaga is for you! Malaga is one of the world’s most ancient cities and has many tales to tell. The city of Malaga was founded in 770 BC when it was known as Malaka by the Phoenicians. By the 6th century BC Malaga was ruled by Ancient Carthage. In 218 BC the Roman Republic took control and Malaga was known in Latin as Malaca, it later became part of the Roman Empire. The city later came under Islamic rule after the fall of the Roman Empire and this lasted 800 years and was known as Malagah. During the Reconquista in 1487 Malaga was conquered by Christian forces. Malaga has influences from many different cultures and of course its cuisine has been influenced by this. Food Tour Hopping Malaga offers an amazing opportunity to explore simply delicious food from an incredible city. Malaga has a variety of archaeological ruins and monuments spanning a 3,000-year period, including the Phoenician, Roman, Arabic and Christian periods. Anyone could feel like a historian here. Join a Food Hopping Tour Malaga and unlock its abundant secrets.

Food Tour Malaga – Discover Malaga’s most important landmarks

Malaga is located just 130km miles north of Africa, it enjoys a subtropical-Mediterranean climate. With 300 days of sunshine even migrating birds call Malaga home for the winter. A great place to explore is Malaga’s main beach – Malagueta beach. It is one of the most visited beaches in the world, lined by fantastic restaurants with divine food, exciting nightlife, hotels and all wonderfully clean waters.
Malagas historis landmarks are a worthwile sight during your stay. Constructed around the 8th century, la Alcazaba overlooks the restored ruins of a Roman Amphitheatre on a prominent hilltop. Take in the view up to it during your Food Hopping Tour Malaga. The Alcazaba is one of two Moorish fortresses, situated further up is Castillo de Gibralfaro. Due to its commanding position, with views down to the sea and all the way across to Africa, and views over the city, the original purpose of Alcazaba was to defend against pirates.The Alcazaba is Spain’s best-preserved Moorish fortress. It is no wonder that it received around 1 million visitors in 2016.
Malaga’s Cathedral is a must see on a trip to Malaga. The Cathedral called, Iglesia Catedral Basílica de la Encarnación but commonly known as La Manquita took 250 years to build, starting in 1528. Due to the length of the construction period a clear mix of styles can be seen in the facades, Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque.

Food Tour Malaga – At the birthplace of a legend

With a Food Hopping Tour in Malaga, you follow the footprints of world-famous artist Pablo Picasso at his birth place. In 1881 Pablo Ruiz y Picasso was born in Malaga, who naturally take immense pride in this city’s son. Casa Natal, Picasso’s birthplace, is open to the public and offers an intimate view of Picasso’s early years.
Explore the history, enjoy the warm southern hospitality and indulge in the many tapas bars, popular taverns and family-run locations with local food specialties like Queso, Aceite, Sardinas, Croquetas, Albondigas, Paella, Borrachuelos or typical Malaga wine. Your personal Food Hopping guide shows you the best culinary experiences on your Food Hopping Tour Malaga.