Patios, Palo & la Cuina Mallorquína

Even if Mallorca’s cuisine seems at first glance to be identical to the Spanish, it isn’t. There is an own genuine “Cuina Mallorquina” that consists of the diverse comestible products of the Mediterranean island, which was influenced over time by foreign rulers such as the Romans and the Moors. The island’s cuisine is simple, and hearty and full of flavours. Cooking the Mallorcan way means using fresh local ingredients and taking great care with their preparation.

Food Tour Palma de Mallorca – Discover Spains largest island

Food Tour Palma de Mallorca – Glamour and taste

Food Tour Palma de Mallorca whisks you away to the largest island in Balearic Islands. The island is home to around 800,000 residents, with more than half living in the capital, Palma. Mallorca has an awful lot to offer its visitors with 41 Marinas, beautiful beaches, lively villages and an overwhelming offer in restaurants. It’s easy to see how so many vacationers have been visiting for the last 100 years – and now it is also possible to get to know the city on a Food Tour Palma de Mallorca. In the 1950s Palma de Mallorca played host to glamourous Ladies like Audrey Hepburn and Elizabeth Taylor, who paved the way for the tourism trend that took off then. The Food Hopping tour Palma de Mallorca follows the traces of this elegant times as well as modern enjoyments. The name Mallorca comes from the gradual mispronunciation of the Latin name ‘insula maior’ – meaning ‘larger island’, which makes perfect sense seeing as Mallorca is Spain’s largest island. Mallorca has been subject to many attempted invasions, thanks to its prominent location in the middle of the Mediterranean. The most notable invasion was that of King James of Aragon in 1229, who invaded with 15,000 men and 1,500 horses and created the beginnings of the Mallorca we know today.

Food Tour Palma de Mallorca – Bathe in natural beauty

Food Hopping in Palma de Mallorca adds interesting city life and terrific food to the incredible landscapes of Mallorca for a spectacular getaway. Amongst Mallorca’s top attractions are the Coves del Drach, loosely translated as Dragon Caves. The underground caves open up into a world of glistening lakes, giant stalactites and stalagmites. This natural architecture can be enjoyed during a boat ride which is accompanied with a violin concert. Above ground Mallorca doesn’t disappoint either, much like with a Food Tour Palma de Mallorca. Mallorca’s wonderous mountain range – Serra de Tramuntana – was awarded World Heritage status by UNESCO for being an area of great physical and cultural significance! The stunning west coast of the island has lured many artists and writers over the years. One of the first English people to settle on Mallorca was England’s celebrated poet Robert Graves. He lived and was buried in the mountain village Deia, and even after his death his presence there draws in the creatively minded visitors.

Food Tour Palma de Mallorca – The taste of the island

Palma’s cathedral La Seu, this magnificent cathedral, took 400 years to build, starting in 1230 and features many different architectural styles, Gothic on the outside and modernist inside, with additional work being undertaken more recently by the renowned Antoni Gaudi. The mix of styles is a real conversation point. Situated next to the cathedral is the King’s official residence. Mainly used to for receptions and ceremonies the Royal Palace of L’Almudaina was built in the 10th century. To complete a triad of beautiful buildings there is the Bellver Castle, built for King James II in the 14th century it is one of few circular castles left in Europe. Although the castle is situated on the top of a hill and gives a good work out to step up , the rewards are in full with amazing views over the city and Bay of Palma.
With a Food Hopping Tour in Palma de Mallorca, you´ll get to know fascinating sights of the city, from popular bodegas to hidden locations that only the locals know. You experience the variety of styles in the local cuisine such as ensaimadas, mandonguilles, paella mallorquin, tumbet or palo. A guided Food Hopping tour is the ideal way to explore the local food, history and landscape of Palma de Mallorca. Food Hopping gives you an insight into the culinary secrets of this exciting island.