Culinary Secrets of Rome

Rome, the city of 7 hills, is famous for its culinary diversity. The simple, but highly versatile “cucina povera” – “poor man’s cuisine” – is the soul of Roman hospitality. Cozy Trattorias and Osterias are the Romans’ living and dining rooms – the places where they meet up, eat and drink, gossip and laugh. Do as the Romans do and sample all the delights of the local cuisine in exceptional places.

With Food Hopping in Rome, you “hop” from one taste sensation to the next on a leisurely walk with your dedicated Food Hopping guide. It takes you to unique places like popular taverns, family run shops and food-related locations off the beaten track and gives you a real insight into local life. Sample delicious authentic food with typical drinks and get in touch with the locals. While on our way, we visit food locations, walk down interesting streets, experience the cuisine, and share anecdotes about the food and the related places as well as insights about the area we’re in.

Food Tour Rome – Discover Italy’s capital

Get to know the City of History on your Food Tour Rome

Rome is one of the oldest cities of Europe with a long and interesting history, that is perfectly suited to be explored during a food tour Rome. The myth about the brothers Romulus and Remus describes the founding of Rome. The brothers, who were suckled by a female wolf and raised by a shepherd, founded the city in the year 753 BC. However, shortly after the brothers fought with each other and Remus was killed by Romulus, who then named the city after himself: Rome. This turbulent start would continue through the centuries, as the city grew to become the capital of the Roman Empire, which once spanned most of Europe as well as parts of Asia and Northern Africa as well. Today, Rome is not only the capital of Italy and home to countless sights, but also houses the center of the Catholic Church within its city limits. This makes Rome the ideal place for tourists from all over the world.

Food Tour Rome – The Sights of Rome with culinary Highlights

food tour Rome is a unique way of exploring this amazing city and its sights. Due to its long history of over 2500 years, Rome is a unique city with a lot of extraordinary sights. Here you can visit the remnants of the ancient Rome, back when it was the largest, richest and most influential city in all of Europe, if not the world. This includes places such as the famous Coliseum, where gladiators fought each other for the favor of the crowd, as well as the Roman Forum, cultural and political center of the Roman Empire. However, these ancient places aren’t the only sights Rome has to offer. There is of course the 18th century Trevi Fountain which, according to legends, can help you find the love of a Roman by donating a few coins. Furthermore, there are also the Spanish Steps, one of Rome’s central meeting points for both tourists and locals, as well as hundreds of museums. And finally, Vatican City is also situated within Rome’s city limits, making Rome the center and birthplace of one of the world’s biggest and most important religions: The Catholic Church. Within Vatican City resides the world-famous St. Peter’s Basilica, home of the Apostolic See and the Sistine Chapel as well as many other relics.

Food Tour Rome – A unique Experience

A guided food tour Rome will let you explore Rome in a way you never have before. Not only will you walking along historical sights of this old city, but you will also be able to sample different kinds of delicious local Italian food like pizza, pasta, ice cream and wine along the way in authentic bars, trattorias and restaurants you might have missed otherwise. A food tour Rome is also a great way to get in contact with locals and to experience a side of Rome which most tourists will never get to see. So, if you are interested in discovering Rome in a new and exciting way, then a food tour Rome is the right choice for you. Enjoy your tour in a small group with your personal Food Hopping guide and have fun eating and tasting!