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Ancient traditions and modern influences in Roman food

Have you ever visited Rome, the city of the 7 hills and discover the true Roman food?

The capital of Italy is a modern metropolis, proud of its acient roots and important history. Up to today, influences from Etruscan and Roman times, the Roman-Christian pontificate and immigration from all parts of Italy form a vibrant melting pot.

This also counts for the Roman cooking pots. Traditional Roman food consists of simple, clean ingredients and vary from quick lunch snacks to the traditional family feast on the weekend – but always best quality and full taste.

Tasting Roman food like a local

Eating in Rome is a serious task, where quality and company are equally important. You will rarely find a true Roman sitting alone in a Bar. And he would never prefer a prepacked sandwich over a freshly baked foccacia filled with fresh cut cheese, cured ham and crisp rocket.

So small eateries, bars and food stands are everywhere in Rome on easy reach and seldom empty.

It’s a great way to understand the way of the locals by following a tour for the tastiest iconic Roman food – see you soon with

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