Life & Lemons on the Rocks

In Sorrento, people know how to indulge and spoil themselves: The regional cuisine is just as enticing as the gorgeous landscape of the Amalfi coast. You haven’t lived, Sorrento’s locals might say, until you’ve tried Limoncello made from big, juicy Amalfi lemons, or tasted the difference between cow-milk and buffalo mozzarella.

Food Tour Sorrento – Discover where Italy’s lemons grow

Food Tour Sorrento – Epic connections

Venture into the rustic side of Italy with a Food Tour Sorrento. Sorrento is a proud coastal town in Southwestern Italy, overlooking the bay of Naples. Sorrento has ancient ruins dating back to 600 BC from its Greek and Phoenicianresidents, however it was the later Roman colony that named the town Surrentum. Sorrento does show up on the radar before this, when it was mentioned in the Greek Epic Homer’s Odyssey. During the voyage home Odysseus encounters the sirens (mermaids) at Sorrento, unsurprisingly Sorrento has many myths regarding these mermaids. Surrentum at a young age was well known for its fish and wine produce that traded quite extensively. Food Hopping Tour Sorrento welcomes you into this close-knit community whose traditions are still well practiced and their laid-back atmosphere. Sorrento is relatively untouched by modern standards, famed for its olive, lemon and orange grovesand sheltered port connecting it to the sea with a strong sense of identity. Sorrento isn’t isolated though and by acting as a base you can explore the Amalfi coast, Naples, Capri and the ancient Pompeii this town really can cater to everyone. A Food Tour Sorrento is a great opportunity to explore this intriguing town.

Food Tour Sorrento – Making memories

Food is a way of life for Italians  – which is why Food Hoppping Tour Sorrento is the best way to acquaint yourself with Italy. Why not take yourself to where it all begins, the harbour, better still two harbors. Sorrento is a fishing town at heart. Marina Piccola and Marina Grande reach along the steep coast. Marina Grande gives you an interesting insight into the way of life of fishing, seafood restaurants line the terraces along the waterfront, fisherman still unload their catch and supply fresh fish to the restaurants, just what you would hope for! And as if that wasn’t enough Marina Grande is close to 2 dozen beaches. If you are looking for a truly unique experience Bagni della Regina Giovanna is the answer. Here are the ruins of Villa Pollio Felice, a Roman villa dating back to the 1st century. Located just beneath is a natural pool, the pool is surrounded by steep rock cliffs, accessible by a walkway across the natural arch, and is totally unforgettable swimming experience.

Food Tour Sorrento – Beauty everywhere you look

Bathed in glorious sunshine, nestled next to crystal clear aquamarine waters, with Food Hopping Food Tour Sorrentoyou explore how all this produces sumptuous food, like for example at a traditional citrus greenery. Sorrento isn’t lacking in beautiful sights either. At the heart of the town is Piazzo Tasso, a popular meeting place for locals and tourists alike, it is the point where several roads meet, surround by history art and cafes to rest your feet or just take in the town’s views or survey the sea views. If you are in mood for some art, Villa Fiorentino could be your next stop. The gracious neoclassical Villa Fiorentino was completed in the mid-1930s and plays venue to concerts and art exhibitions, in 2017 a photographic exhibition dedicated to Neopolitan Sophia Loren.
Your Food Hopping Food Tour Sorrento is the answer to exploring all that Italian, natural beauty and local tasty variety like a mozzarella contest, Scalatielli, Cedro, Mortadella and Salame, delicious original Amalfi treats or a delicious Limoncello. Food Hopping leads you to the best places, where you can indulge in the local cuisine.