Campi, Corti & Cicchetti

La Serenissima – Her Serene Highness, as Venice is called, also lives up to its noble byname with its cuisine. For centuries, merchants brought exotic ingredients from distant lands into the city, which resulted in a wide variety of typical Venetian specialties. Do as the Venetians do, stroll across campi (squares) and corti (courtyards) to savour typical cicchetti (nibbles) and other delicacies of the local Venetian cuisine in exceptional places.

Food Tour Venice – Explore la Serenissima

Food Tour Venice – City of water

A city well known for its maze of canals, is the perfect place for an adventure, let Food Tour Venice guide you around! Venice is well known for its canals and bridges. Around 417 bridges to be more accurate. These bridges also tend to have no steps as they were constructed in the 16th century, when horse carriage was the general mode of transportation. The 417 bridges and 177 canals connect the 118 islands that compromise the city of Venice. To navigate these waters, are between 350 and 400 iconic Gondolas. This method of transportation has been in use for around 10 centuries now! The main Canal, or the Grand Canal takes an S shape, 2-mile route around the islands, splitting the city into 2 main halves. The canal itself is 16 feet deep and measures between 93 to 300 feet wide. A great sight you will enjoy during your Food Hopping food tour Venice. The Grand Canal has also played host to a celebrated event since the 14th century, a boat race known as Rigata Storica. The Grand canal is lined by 170 houses along its banks, most of which were built between 1200 and 1700. 60% of all traffic goes through the Grand Canal, proving just how important it is.

Food Tour Venice – Don’t forget a souvenir

By the 18th century there were over 200 churches built, so Venice certainly has a lot of architecture to discover. Food Hopping food tour Venice is an ideal way to explore both food and the surroundings in one go. St. Mark’s Basilica was built in the 9th century to house some very sacred but stolen relics. Merchants from Venice stole the body of St. Mark the Evangelist in 828. St. Mark was one of the four Apostles from Alexandria, Egypt. The entire story of the theft and their voyage back to Venice is depicted in a 13th century mosaic above the left door as you enter the basilica. Food Tour Venice will certainly give you some stories of your own to tell. Mosaics are everything at St. Marks Basilica, there are more than 8,000 square meters to be astounded by. The Mosaics were added and completed over 8 centuries mostly in gold. Entering the basilica at different times of the day can reveal something new or a change in focus, making each visit unique. There is simply so much to see, you will long for your next visit.
Top your visit to Venice with a trip across to Murano, home of Venice’s legendary glass workers. It is said that the glass workers were sent here in the hope of reducing the fire risk to the narrow streets, from one of the glass furnaces. That being said, it has also been speculated that they were sent to the island to keep their secrets from being spread worldwide. If a glass worker were to leave and take their skill to another country their family would be imprisoned, to persuade the worker to return. Today the canal sides are lined with glass studios and showrooms. Inside the 17th century Palazzo Giustinian is the glass museum. It has one of the most important and largest collections of Venetian glass, spanning from Roman times to the 20th century, be sure to visit the gift shop on your way out.

Food Tour Venice – Abundance of tastes

On a food tour Venice, the Mediterranean is on the menu. The Rialto Market was founded 7 centuries ago, and today is the commercial hub of Venice. This daily market offers the very freshest produce, the strictest seasonal fruit, vegetables and fish at its best. Here you can become totally absorbed in the lively atmosphere alongside the locals. The Rialto market can be found North-West of the famous Rialto Bridge in the district of San Polo. Next to this market is the Pescheria, a Neo-Gothic fish market. The Pescheria is packed full of fresh tuna, soft shelled crabs, and swordfish to name a few.
Along the fascinating sights of Venice, a food tour Venice will make sure you are topped up with local food like delicious cicchetti with the complementing ‘shadow’, local formaggi, tramezzino, a special main dish with historic recipe, tiramisu and espresso while exploring Venice. Your Food Hopping Guide knows the best anecdotes and shows you the ideal way to eat your way around Venice.